Investment Options

The information below displays the investment options available under the Plan. You can choose from a menu of investment options that cover the risk/reward spectrum allowing you to select from conservative choices, moderate growth and income funds, or aggressive growth opportunities in both U.S. and international markets. International investing involves special risks such as currency fluctuation, lower liquidity, political and economic uncertainties, and differences in accounting standards.  

For each investment option, click on the fund name to open a fund fact sheet that provides important information about the investment option, including fund expenses. Each investment option has a numeric fund code you will need when making investment changes on-line or via telephone. 

You should consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of the variable product and its underlying fund options carefully before investing. The prospectuses/prospectus summaries containing this and other information can be obtained by contacting your local representative. Please read the information carefully before investing.

While reviewing the fund fact sheets below, please also review the Disclosure Glossary document that provides information on types of investment risks, investment types and a glossary of terms and statistics. The document also provides instructions about how to obtain any underlying fund prospectus. 

Fund number Investment option
Stability of Principal
4568 Voya Fixed Plus Account II (4568)
4572 Voya Fixed Plus Account II A
003 Voya Government Money Market Portfolio - Class I
4559 Voya Short-Term Guaranteed Accumulation Account (4559)
1003 American Funds The Bond Fund of America® - Class R-4
7576 Metropolitan West Total Return Bond Fund - Class M Shares
422 Voya Global Bond Portfolio - Initial Class
1159 Voya High Yield Portfolio - Institutional Class
004 Voya Intermediate Bond Portfolio - Class I
1554 Voya U.S. Bond Index Portfolio - Class I
Asset Allocation
759 Voya Solution 2025 Portfolio - Service Class
762 Voya Solution 2035 Portfolio - Service Class
765 Voya Solution 2045 Portfolio - Service Class
1167 Voya Solution 2055 Portfolio - Service Class
E481 Voya Solution 2065 Portfolio - Service Class
768 Voya Solution Income Portfolio - Service Class
452 VY® Invesco Equity and Income Portfolio - Initial Class
008 Voya Balanced Portfolio - Class I
3911 Voya Global Perspectives® Portfolio - Class I
Large Cap Value/Blend
1595 Amana Income Fund - Investor Class
819 American Funds Washington Mutual Investors Fund - Class R-4
108 Fidelity® VIP Equity-Income Portfolio - Initial Class
437 VY® Invesco Comstock Portfolio - Service Class
617 VY® T. Rowe Price Equity Income Portfolio - Service Class
001 Voya Growth and Income Portfolio - Class I
1213 Voya Large Cap Value Portfolio - Institutional Class
829 Voya U.S. Stock Index Portfolio - Institutional Class
Large Cap Growth
1612 Amana Growth Fund - Investor Class
133 Fidelity® VIP Contrafund Portfolio - Initial Class
111 VY® T. Rowe Price Growth Equity Portfolio - Initial Class
742 Voya Large Cap Growth Portfolio - Institutional Class
7007 AMG River Road Mid Cap Value Fund - Class N
2495 Delaware Small Cap Value Fund - Class A
073 Franklin Small Cap Value VIP Fund - Class 2
832 Invesco V.I. Main Street Small Cap Fund - Series I
075 Lord Abbett Series Fund Mid Cap Stock Portfolio - Cl VC
440 VY® American Century Small-Mid Cap Value Portfolio- Service
436 VY® Baron Growth Portfolio - Service Class
1613 VY® CBRE Global Real Estate Portfolio - Institutional Class
449 VY® T. Rowe Price Diversified Mid Cap Growth Port - Initial
053 Voya Index Plus MidCap Portfolio - Class I
081 Voya MidCap Opportunities Portfolio - Class I
1560 Voya Russell™ Mid Cap Index Portfolio - Class I
1563 Voya Russell™ Small Cap Index Portfolio - Class I
042 Voya Small Company Portfolio - Class I
080 Voya SmallCap Opportunities Portfolio - Class I
Global / International
573 American Funds EuroPacific Growth Fund® - Class R-4
432 VY® Invesco Global Portfolio - Initial Class
3056 Voya Global High Dividend Low Volatility Prtf - Class I
1551 Voya International Index Portfolio - Class I
1586 Voya Intl High Dividend Low Volatility Port - Initial Class